10 Best Farm Puzzles for Toddlers to Improve Problem Solving

Puzzles are beneficial for both adults and kids. They can keep us busy without tiring ourselves. They are also perfect for brain development and problem-solving. Puzzles have benefits like hand-eye coordination for little kids. Farm puzzles for toddlers, on the other hand, have great benefits. They are great for teaching kids about animals and nature. Let’s take a look at the best products in the market so we can compare them!

Farm Puzzles for Toddlers

HABA Wooden Puzzle Farm Friends

  • This one is the perfect puzzle for toddlers because the set comes with all of the animals at the farm!
  • It comes with a sheep, pig, duck, or a mouse. Each piece contains different animals for the puzzle.
  • This is great for teaching kids about animals and improve creative thinking.
  • The set is suitable for kids above 12 months of age.
  • This is great for improving motor skills. It is also great for recognition of the colors and patterns which is graet for sensory skills too.
  • If you allow your kid to put pieces of the puzzle together, it will also improve the hand-eye coordination of the kid! The pieces are pretty large for the toddlers, which makes it easier to use!

CapsA Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers

  • This one is great for little toddlers because it has different animals in it, which is excellent for teaching toddlers about animals.
  • The sales pages also have toys, vehicles, and bikes, which are great for teaching kids about different items!
  • The puzzles are suitable for toddlers above 12 months of age.
  • Each puzzle has measurements of 14.7cmX14.7cmX0.6cm.
  • The material is wood, which is great for kids’ health.
  • It doesn’t contain toxic paintings or any other thing.
  • Improves toddler’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination!

Welcome to The Farm Puzzle

  • This one is suitable for a few advanced kids.
  • This puzzle is useful for kids above three years of age.
  • The theme is perfect for farms. It includes all of the necessary farm animals, as you can see in the picture!
  • There are 36 pieces in this puzzle, which can make it hard for some kids. However, you can solve it with your toddler to improve his brainpower and problem-solving skills!
  • The pieces are pretty easy to interlock, which is a must for little kids. You don’t want the puzzle too hard for the kids!
  • This one makes a great gift because it’s a high-quality product highly suggested!

HABA Clutching Puzzle On The Farm

  • Another classic farm puzzle for toddlers which is pretty easy to use!
  • The role-playing elements of the puzzle is perfect. It can teach your kid about the characters, the sun, and the tractor with ease!
  • The animals are a bonus in the set, in my opinion.
  • You can also teach about some basic colors to your kid.
  • The set is suitable for 12 months and up.
  • If you are looking for a first experience puzzle for toddlers, you can prefer this one!
  • The pieces are pretty big, and it won’t cause any choking hazards to your kid. However, you should still follow the instructions in the puzzle!

Wooden Puzzles Toddler Learning Toys

  • I like wooden puzzles for toddlers because they don’t contain anything harmful to kids most of the time!
  • This is a well-made farm puzzle for any kid out there. The material is sturdy, and it can last for a long time.
  • If you want to teach your kid about animals and colors, you should think about this one.
  • It’s better the one above and safe for the kids.
  • It can be suitable for bigger kids, so keep this in mind.

Magnetic Puzzles Matching Game Preschool Educational Learning Toy for Kids

  • This should be number one on our list because this one will improve the skill set of your kid!
  • The set comes with 86 magnetic puzzle pieces. Each puzzle will serve in a different scenario! There are three farm scenarios in this farm puzzle for kids! It will improve the problem-solving skill of your kid!
  • The different puzzles are great for teaching your kid anything about farms.
  • The farm puzzle for toddlers is suitable for three and up. However, you can still use it with your kid if you think your kid is ready for it!
  • This will make a perfect gift for any situation because the quality is excellent compared to the other ones!
  • The edges of the puzzle is also perfect, which makes it great for little kids. It’s one of the safest puzzles out there. The material is pretty solid, and it will withstand even the rowdiest kids!

Farm Animals Photo Knob Puzzle

  • The puzzle is a cheap alternative for parents who are short on the budget.
  • The difference is this knob puzzle has a real animal photograph that can affect the different senses of the toddlers.
  • It’s suitable for toddlers above two years of age.
  • The puzzle is thick and big, so your kid won’t be able to swallow it!
  • Wooden pieces are safe for the kids.
  • Measurements are 11¾” L. x 9½” W. x 5/8” Thick.

Melissa & Doug Large Farm Jumbo Knob

  • This set is straightforward to use. The knobs are pretty big, so your kid can easily use it!
  • The pieces are extra thick with bright colors, which is attractive for the kids!
  • The illustrations look pretty funky, which makes it suitable for little kids. If your kid is above 3-4 years old, the kid probably won’t enjoy this one!
  • The construction is pretty sturdy compared to other products in the market.  Melissa & Dough is a well-known brand, and you can’t go wrong with this one!
  • I suggest this set for toddlers above 12 months of age.

Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle

  • The eight pieces of the wooden puzzle is great for toddlers.
  • This set also has a duck in it, which is rare for the farm puzzles!
  • The eight pieces are pretty easy to grasp and use.
  • The wooden pieces are suitable for little ensures which ensure the full grasp on the puzzles!
  • The full pictures are great for giving clues to your kid! If your kid is just starting, you should try this one!
  • The pieces can stand up alone, which makes them great for teaching kids about animals. You don’t have to use them with a puzzle base.
  • This one is perfect for kids between 2 and 4 years of age!

Melissa & Doug 8pc Sound Puzzle

  • This is the best puzzle for parents who wants to improve the sensory skills of their kids.
  • It’s the peg farm puzzle with sounds in the market.
  • Pegs are helpful for kids who want to grasp the illustrations in the picture!
  • The puzzle starts with the song and repeats animal names on the verses. This helps your kid to learn the animals efficiently!
  • It’s also great for hand-eye coordination and problem-solving.
  • The puzzle is suitable for toddlers between 2 and 4 years old.
  • If you are looking to improve sensory skills with puzzles, this can do the trick!


How to Pick Best Farm Puzzles for Toddlers

There are tons of farm or animal puzzles in the market, and each one looks pretty the same, to be honest. However, the themes can get different, which is the number one function in our list. You have to pick a theme and suitable pieces for your kid! After that, you can look at things like material quality, size, price, and safety of the set. All of these are pretty important, but let’s start with the most important one.

The Theme of the Puzzle

The puzzle’s theme is pretty essential. You have to decide what you want to teach your kid. Most of the farm puzzles have animals in them. Some of the puzzles can have things like vehicles, buildings, and characters. This type of thing is great for role-playing and other games.

Some puzzles are perfect for teaching about colors and numbers. You’ve to scrutinize the puzzle so you can have an idea. It’s a wise decision to pick the puzzle for your needs.

Material Quality

The material quality of the puzzles can vary a lot. There are wooden and plastic models in the market, which affects the quality. If you are looking for the best quality, you should go with wooden models. You have to check the painting method they use so you can buy the safest puzzle for your kid.

Plastic ones are also okay for long term usage. You need to check it doesn’t contain any harmful materials at all! They can be cleaned with a semi-wet cloth which makes them perfect candidates!


The price of the puzzles is mostly average. However, there are some brand products out there that cost more than usual. If you are looking to get a high-quality product, you should pay more than twenty bucks, in my opinion. There are some perfect value products between 10 and 20 dollars. You’ve to make sure you do your research properly!


Most of the puzzles have fewer pieces than 12 for toddlers. This is the necessary amount for most of the toddlers so they can complete the set without worries. If you get bigger farm puzzles for toddlers, you might have problems in the long run. If the task is too hard, your toddler can get bored pretty quickly!


The safety of the products should be our primary concern! You need to check out and see if the product contains harmful ingredients. You should also eliminate puzzles with big pieces because of choking hazards. These tips should never be neglected if you want a safe experience!


Farm puzzles for toddlers are a great way to increase the animal awareness of your toddler. If you want your kid to have some animal love in them, these toys are a great way to start. They are also perfect for teaching basic animals, colors, and numbers. It allows role-play games to some degree, which is beneficial for little toddlers. Make sure you check out all of the products so you can find something suitable for your needs! You can also check my other post about farm puzzles for kids that have suitable puzzles for bigger kids!

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