10 Best Farm Puzzles for Kids

The farm puzzles for kids are beneficial for teaching your kid about animals. They can also be used for teaching about colors and numbers. You can count out the animals in the puzzles with your kids! If you are looking to get the benefits of farm puzzles for toddlers, you can check out the best products in the market. I will also add a comparison table; you can easily find a suitable one for yourself!

Top Seller Farm Puzzles for Kids

Melissa & Doug Farm Friends Floor Puzzle

  • The farm puzzles come with 32 pieces, which makes it suitable for kids between 3 and 5 years old.
  • It2s easy to clean thanks to high-quality surfaces.
  • Your kid can play it again and again.
  • It’s great for improving hand-eye coordination.
  • The edges are pretty smooth, which makes it great for little kids!
  • This puzzle provides a great playing experience!
  • Melissa & Doug provides high-quality toys at a reasonable price.
  • If you are looking for ideal farm puzzles for toddlers, you can try this out!

Melissa & Doug Busy Barn Shaped Floor Puzzle

  • This one looks pretty similar to the one above. However, the artwork of this one has better quality.
  • The one on the top looks like a cheap imitation compared to this one!
  • The easy to clean surface is great for keeping the puzzle now!
  • Extra thick cardboard pieces are easy to put in. This et will improve the hand-eye coordination of your kid. This one is also suitable for kids between 3 and 5 years of age!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

  • This one provides more value compared to other products.
  • The set comes with four 12 piece puzzles that can be used to teach your kid about specific animals.
  • It also has a storage box that can keep things tidy and clean!
  • It’s ideal for short travels thanks to the storage bag!
  • The four puzzles contains horse, chicken, pig, and cow.
  • The jigsaw puzzle is suitable for kids above three years of age!
  • If you are looking to get a value package, you can try this one out!

Melissa & Doug Natural Play 35pc Giant Floor Puzzle

  • Another perfect giant floor puzzle from Melissa and Dough brand.
  • The puzzle is perfect for little kids because of the cartoon design. The characters are beautiful for kids, which makes it perfect. The colors are also bright and shiny, which is another plus!
  • The take-along case is excellent for little travels and other activities! It will help your kids to explore the different activities with ease!
  • The product is made of recycled papers and soy-based inks, which are perfect for your kid’s health and environment.
  • If you want to get a high-quality puzzle, this one is perfect for your kid. It also has four different themes on the sales page!

Crocodile Creek – BARNYARD – 30 Piece Jigsaw Floor Puzzle

  • The 30 piece puzzle is perfect for little kids. It’s suitable for kids above three years of age. The pieces are perfect for little hands, which improve hand-eye coordination.
  • The puzzle will quickly improve the excellent motor skills of your kid!
  • The puzzle pieces are made of a high-quality blue board that won’t break easily!
  • The artwork is illustrated both on the puzzle and the storage box.
  • The storage box could be better, but it still works!
  • The shapes are big enough, which makes this one a perfect candidate for the kids!

MasterPieces The Right Fit Kids Googly Eyes Jigsaw Puzzle

  • The puzzle is made of 48 pieces, but it’s suitable for the kids!
  • The masterpiece is an excellent American brand that produces high-quality farm puzzles for kids. Your kid is going to love the product!
  • The puzzle pieces are big enough for small kids too.
  • The farm puzzle is suitable for kids above four years of age.
  • It also has four other themes on the sales page.

MasterPieces Farm Friends Shaped

  • This one is suitable for bigger kids because it comes with hidden pieces.  Five different parts are hidden in other animals, which makes the puzzle a little bit harder.
  • It’s a 100 piece puzzle which makes it harder for kids. However, this will improve their problem-solving skills!
  • The farm puzzle for kids is suitable for kids above six years of age!
  • There are four different options on the sales page!

MasterPieces 11310 Sing-A-Long Old McDonald – 24 Piece Kids Puzzle

  • This sing a long puzzle is perfect for little kids.
  •  It’ suitable for kids above three years of age. However, you can use it for two years old too. You need to supervise your kid during the playtime.
  • The price of the product is perfect for the functions.
  • It comes with self-contained push-button that plays a 30-second long song!
  • The puzzle is 24 pieces, which is pretty easy to solve.
  • It’s made of recycled boards.

Merry Farmland Children’s Jigsaw Puzzle

  • The quality of this jigsaw puzzle is perfect. The image seems very clear with great details!
  • It’s manufactured by Schmidt Spiele, which provides high-quality puzzles!
  • The colorful cartoon pictures are perfect for stimulating the kid’s senses!
  • The pieces have smooth edges, which makes them for little kids.
  • I love the smooth details and color of the puzzles.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality farm puzzle, you can buy this one without worries!

MasterPieces John Deere 4-Pack Multipack 100 Piece Puzzles

  • John Deere is the most known farming brand out there. They are known because of the tractors and vehicles they make for farming purposes!
  • The farm puzzle for kids is the perfect package for any parent out there.
  • The set comes with four 100 piece puzzles!
  • The masterpieces brand is an American company which produces high-quality products!
  • The random cut puzzle pieces are perfect for creating a fun experience!
  • The puzzle board is made of thick materials that ensure a tight interlocking fit.


How to Pick Best Farm Puzzles for Kids?

There are tons of puzzles in the market specially designed for the kids. The farm-themed ones are also highly popular. If your kid is looking to get a farm puzzle for kids, you are at the right place. However, there are some things you need to be careful about if you won’t make the best purchase possible. Let’s check these features before you make the purchases!

Material Quality

The material quality of the farm puzzles for kids is generally close to each other. Most of them are made of plastic materials. However, there are some products which have been made of wood or recycled materials! If you care about the environment, you should pick the latter two.

The recycled materials are perfect because they have a lesser price compared to other models. They are also made by natural inking methods, which makes them a healthy option. The wooden models can also work well! They will last longer compared to other ones. You can still buy plastic farm puzzles for kids if you are short on the budget!


The price of the puzzle is directly related to its size. However, quality also affects the price. Most of the far puzzles for kids have a price range of around 10 and 20 dollars.

If you want a high-quality product, you should pay more than fifteen dollars, in my opinion.

Different Animals

There are different animals in every farm puzzle. You’ve to determine your purpose of usage before you make the purchase. If you intend to teach animals to your kid, you can prefer the set with most animals. This will allow you to teach your kids more animals.

Some farm puzzles are more colorful compared to other ones. This will better for teaching about colors. They are also bright and vibrant, which can make them a perfect choice!

Design and Color

The design of the farm puzzles is also essential. This will directly impact the gameplay of the kid. The pieces should be easy to put together. The colors of the puzzle is another considerable factor. If you are buying the puzzle for a little kid, you have to make sure it has bright and vibrant colors. Bigger kids prefer realistic-looking puzzles compared to little ones, so make sure you cover those basics!


The safety of puzzles is another important factor. The pieces should be big enough for little kids. If you worry you kid choking the pieces make sure you buy puzzles big so choking is not a problem.

You also need to make sure the products are made of high-quality materials so they don’t contain anything harmful to your kids!


The entire piece of the puzzle is essential, in my opinion. You have to buy a puzzle that will be suitable for your kid’s skill level. Some parents make the mistake of purchasing a bigger puzzle, and their kids end up frustrated. The puzzle should provide some challenges to the kids, but it shouldn’t be too hard for the kid!


Farm puzzles for kids are a perfect way to improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination and necessary motor skills. Some of the puzzles have sounds in them, which are also great for enhancing sensory skills. If you follow my tips correctly, you won’t have problems during the purchase! I hope this article will help you to buy a suitable farm puzzle for kids. You can also check other farm puzzles for toddlers, which might be ideal for little kids!

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