9 Best Farm Lego Sets in 2020

Farm toys are perfect for any kid out there. They can teach your kid a couple of things, including loving animals and nature. These toys will ensure your kid will develop into a healthy adult in the long run. Legos are also great educational toys that can combine a couple of skills. If you want to build hand-eye coordination and creativity of your kid, you can always try out legos. In this topic, we are going to review the best farm lego sets so your kid can have the best farm lego sets.

Top Seller Farm Lego Sets


LEGO Friends 4+ Mia’s Foal Stable 41361 Building Kit

  • Every farm has a stable in it, and this kit creates that environment.
  • Your kid can build a horse barn and tractor with individual legos in this set!
  • There are countless adventures your kid can enjoy in this beautiful set.
  • It comes with 118 pieces and allows your kid to play role games.
  • The set is suitable for beginners, and it comes with a Mia mini-doll figure who is the main character of this set!
  • The set is suitable for beginner kids, and it will improve your kid’s skill level!
  • If your kid is bigger than four years old, you should try out this one! It’s suitable for all ages and fans of the legos!


LEGO City Pickup & Caravan 60182 Building Kit

  • Caravans are inevitable parts of the nature of life, and this theme can help you to complete your farm theme if you want to.
  • The set has a truck toy with a hitch.
  • The caravan trailer looks pretty funky. It comes with a removable roof, which can be used for other building purposes!
  • The set comes with three figures, including all objects of a family. The crab figure also looks pretty funny!
  • You can open up the caravan, which allows for a variety of role-play environments!
  • The set comes with 344 pieces, which is great for the price!
  • The lego set is suitable for kids above five years of age!

LEGO Minecraft 21114 The Farm

  • This might be the best farm set out there! It includes everything you need.
  • The set comes with 262 lego pieces, but the price is a little bit expensive for this amount of pieces.
  • The set features a crafting table, pumpkin helmet, and two torches.
  • It also has items like carrots, wheat, and trees!
  • The set allows your kid to play a variety of farm games with ease!
  • Your kid can roleplay games like nurturing farms and raising precious crops.
  • The set also has a skeleton that allows for other types of creative games!
  • This one can make a perfect gift for kids who love nature and legos!
  • If you are looking for a farm lego set, this one is a great starter!

LEGO City Forest Tractor 60181

  • This tractor looks pretty real in real life! The set comes with 174 pieces, which affect the look of the forest tractor.
  • The set also has logs that can be attached to the tractor.
  • The main character has a chainsaw in hand, which allows for a variety of role-playing games. However, you should also teach your kid cutting too many trees is bad for the environment. This set can teach your kid to be reasonable with nature and only consume it for our needs.
  • The set is excellent for creative building.
  • The arm of the tractor can move freely, which makes it great!
  • The lumberjack figure is also pretty cool, which can be used in farm role-playing games!

LEGO Minecraft The Farm Cottage & LEGO Minecraft The Melon Farm

  • This is the best farm set out there. It comes with everything you need.
  • There are two main characters in this beautiful set! It includes Steve and Alex and many other animals and skeleton figures.
  • There are 549 pieces in this magnificent set. It’s suitable for kids above eight years of age!
  • The set allows for a 2-level house which can improve the creative skills of your kid. The interior also can be changed, which is a huge plus!
  • If you are looking for a high-quality and big lego set, you should try out this one!

LEGO DUPLO Farm Building Set

  • If you are looking fora simple set for little kids, this can do the trick.
  • There are a lot of farm scenes that can be built with this set!
  • It includes all the parts you need to build animals and vehicles.
  • The colors are bright, which is great for little kids!
  • It also encourages creativity and imagination, but you should help your kid during the process!
  • This set is suitable for little kids because the pieces are big. However, you should still be careful about choking hazards if your kid is not experienced with legos!

LEGO Friends Mia’s House 41369 Building Kit

  • One of the biggest sets out there. This is not exactly a farm lego set, but it has elements that can be used in farm sets!
  • It creates the perfect environment for family life. Your kid can play a variety of role-playing games with this one. It comes with a pet horse and rabbit, which you can use in your farm roleplaying games!
  • The set is perfect for animal and nature lovers.
  • The colors are bright and shiny.
  • The set is suitable for kids above six years of age!
  • It’s great for creative play and roleplay.
  • The set comes with 715 pieces, which is great. The price of it also makes it suitable for any parent out there!

Lego Friends – Heartlake Riding Club – 41126

  • The set allows your kid to build a two-story riding club. It also has interior elements in it, which is great for role-playing.
  • The best thing about this set is it comes with two role-playing characters, including Stephanie and Mia.
  • There are 575 pieces in this beautiful set.
  • The set is suitable for kids between 6 and 12 years of age.
  • The stable can be used next to a farm lego set because it has some animals in it.
  • The set also has animal training equipment and activities, which is excellent for creative plays!

LEGO Duplo Legoville Big Farm

  • Another alternative for little kids out there!
  • The set is suitable for little kids, which makes it more valuable!
  • The set includes five different farm animals, including dog, cat, pig, sheep, and a hen!
  • The Duplo figures generally include a three people family, and this set also has it!
  • The set contains 68 pieces, and pieces are huge, which makes it great for little kids!
  • The set is colorful enough to attract the kids!

How to Pick Best Farm Lego Sets for Kids?

There are a couple of factors, as you can see. If you want to have the best set possible, you have to inspect the from the perspective of these elements. These elements can be listed as material quality, price, size of the collection, safety, and age. These factors are pretty crucial, but they are so easy to learn. Let’s start with material quality and learn about it.

Material Quality

The material quality of the lego sets is generally high if you buy them online. Most of the products meet safety standards, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. You can always care about the combining ability of the legos, which directly affects the playing experience. Big pieces don’t have problems when it comes to combining them. However, smaller pieces might have some issues.

You should always buy your legos online if you want to have high-quality products with no flaws. Some local stores can have different brands, but they won’t have as high -quality as legos I guarantee you!


The price of the lego sets can vary a lot, which hardens the picking of the process! The sets generally start around fifty dollars for a set! The piece of the sets also affects the price directly! If you want to get bigger sets, you should pay higher prices!

If you are buying the set for little kids, you should start with smaller sets since you would not want to spend too much money on it! Smaller sets will be better for beginners. If your kid wants to continue the journey, you can invest in bigger sets!

Size of the Set

The size of the set directly affects the price of the set! You will pay more money for the bigger sets. You can also combine two different sets to get the same effect of a bigger set, which is great for saving money! There are a couple of small sets out there, which is better than buying a single big set!

Safety and Age

Most of the products meet the safety standards, which is good for the parent. If you are going to buy from local stores, you have to be worried about the quality of the lego sets. You have to make sure it doesn’t contain anything harmful to the kid’s health! The painting on the plastics can have hazardous materials in them, which might be problematic for some kids.

The age level of the set should be suitable for your kid! Most sets have a beginning age level of two years old. If you are buying the set for a small kid, you should pick the sets for bigger sets. Choking hazards are pretty dangerous, and they can be fatal for your kid! If you don’t trust your little kid, you should supervise them during the play sessions. The sets with smaller pieces are great for improving hand-eye coordination, but they might not be suitable for little kids!


There are tons of farm logo sets out there specially designed for the kids. You might have a hard time in the beginning. However, if you read this article, you will probably have no problems at all. If you have questions, make sure you ask them below!

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